There has been a strong Studio KHORA, involving the manufacturing of modern eco homes. This movement has seen many new and existing companies, mainly located in the United States, which are successfully marketing modern prefab homes to a much wider audience than before.

But why would anyone buy modern prefab homes when so many preconceived prejudices make them unattractive? Simply because it is more profitable not just economically, but also environmentally. Modern prefab homes can reduce construction costs while lessening the environmental impact of construction projects.

These modern eco homes are designed by professional architects, many of whom previously only worked in traditional construction, but now find themselves drawn into this more eco-friendly and flexible building.

One reason these architects are turning to this construction method is the amount of control they can have over every aspect of construction. It is far easier for them to oversee every detail in a controlled environment, like a prefabricated home construction centre, than it is on a cold, wet traditional on-site building location.

Another reason is that a house may look fine on paper, but as construction continues problems may arise in terms of practical design or a feature that is unappealing to the eye, it is a much simpler and cost-effective to alter the design in this situation, than it is out on a construction site.

Modern prefab homes are also intended to be reproduced multiple times with slight variations, as opposed to a one-off construction on the site. Therefore, it is far more practical to make changes to a plan when the same design may be used multiple times, rather than it is when you are dealing with a single unit.

Eco friendly prefab homes are beautifully adapted for modern life, and it make sense from a financial point of view, because of the lower cost of construction. Also these prefabricated houses are of superior quality because it is easier to control the quality of work in a factory than on a construction site.

This modern eco homes movement was born from the needs of ordinary people for affordable housing. Typically, modern houses are too expensive to build for many peoples pockets; modern prefab homes offer an affordable, quality alternative to traditional construction methods.

One reason is the care and craftsmanship that is needed to build modern-style prefab homes compared with a traditional-style, on-site built house. For example, the architecture of the modern-style house often needs a backbone of steel or concrete, which costs far more than modern wooden frames.

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