Why you should purchase handmade beaded jewellery.

Many of us probably own several different pieces of mass produced designer jewellery that we have either purchased at a jewellery mall ourselves, consisting of mass produced metal and gemstone look-alike glass Handcrafted Jewellery, or unfortunately received as special gifts over many years from family and well wishers. However, you may not own any genuine handmade beaded jewellery consisting of unique and genuine gemstones.

There are many reasons why you should purchase handmade beaded jewellery and make these special pieces a regular part of your handmade beaded jewellery collection. Handmade beaded jewellery created with genuine semi-precious gemstones is delicately made with love and utmost care by individual jewellery artists.

They do not operate automated machines that speed up, depersonalise and cheapen the jewellery process. Instead, they choose to delicately handcraft each piece of jewellery with only the help of a few expensive and expertly used specialised tools, their hands and the imaginative ideas that are instilled in their head that’s all needed to produce unique and genuine handcrafted beaded bracelets and handcrafted beaded necklaces.

You will be supporting the talent and creativity of the specialised jewellery artists who make this beautiful handmade beaded jewellery. Your financial support will also help these talented individuals to continue their preciously talented work. Many artists receive relatively little financial compensation for the extended amount of hours they exact into their delicate work.

Most artists create handmade jewellery to fulfil their creative passion and creativity talent, not to make money. However, they still need to earn a decent living to continue their passion and trade. Therefore, it is very important to support the arts and crafts community. If enough customers purchase their products, artists will be able to create even more amazing pieces of beautiful handcrafted beaded bracelets and handcrafted beaded necklaces, wearable and uniquely genuine beaded jewellery.

Purchasing handmade beaded jewellery is a great way for you to personally contribute to the arts and crafts community and gain some beautiful and delicate pieces of jewellery in the process. Handmade jewellery is also much higher-quality and more delicately and durably constructed than most artificially mass produced so-called jewellery items. More care and attention goes into one tiny piece of handmade beaded jewellery than an entire factory of mechanically massed reproduced items!

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