How Should Our World be Defined?   To understand a Christian worldview, it is necessary to understand what is a “acim programs defines worldview as: “The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.” A ‘worldview’ is an individual’s perspective that is used to understand our environment and the world around us and how we process and understand our experiences.

We all have different worldviews based on our environment, our upbringing and other factors that come into play. Everybody has a worldview in which they process their positions or beliefs about events, their life’s experiences and the world around them. A person raised by liberal parents likely has a different worldview than a person raised by strict conservative parents. Worldviews change or evolve as we develop our own beliefs and outlook.

As new creatures in Christ, we have been given a new nature. Yet our old nature wars with our new nature. Each Christian has a background that is unique to him or her as no two people grew up in the same environment. When a person becomes a new creature in Christ, they do not become a Christian in a vacuum. All thoughts, beliefs or experiences, do not magically disappear at the moment one is saved.

However, one’s view of the world must change as this world becomes increasingly sinful.  Christians have, unfortunately, become accepting of the world’s ‘worldview.’ Christians are increasingly trying to fit into the world around them and adopting a worldview that should not be in the Christian’s life.

I was driving to work one day and saw a van in front of me. It was a Christian ministry van reaching out to kids who were in trouble. On the van it had a sign on it which stated “Jesus is my homeboy and heaven is my hood.” To say the least, I was shocked at the irreverence paid to our Holy God who gave His life to save sinners.

This ministry, instead of adopting God’s worldview of holiness, thought they could reach kids better than His way by taking God and making Him a ‘homeboy’ and making heaven a ‘hood.’ God is Holy, just and perfect.  I also read about a church that tried to reach teenagers by serving the Holy Communion using coke & pizza as the elements.

God is Holy and should be treated by Christians with reverence, awe, worship and respect. Our views should be shaped by His word alone and we should not incorporate the world’s views or practices.

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