Degrees Abroad: Arts, Humanities, and Architecture

These days, many students opt to study overseas. Some do this for the experience, others do it for opportunity to travel. Some even do it for the food, shopping or plain old site-seeing. Then there are those who opt to study abroad because an overseas program can truly enhance their education. This is particularly true for people majoring in art, Malibu architects, and the humanities.

When it comes to an architecture degree, an arts degree program, or a degree in humanities, there may be no better place to go than across the ocean, to places rich with culture and beauty. The reasons for this are simple:

The History: You don’t have to have an architecture degree or be an expert in art to know that places like Rome, Milan, and Copenhagen are filled with visual appeal. In fact, most of the cities and countries in Europe display exquisite buildings and ancient art. It is the perfect place to visit to gain an appreciation for the many different eras of history.

The First Hand Experience: You can really study foreign art and architecture just about anywhere: all you need is a library card or an Internet connection. But, studying it thousands of miles away can not even begin to take the place of studying it in person. Obtaining an architecture degree overseas or enrolling in an arts degree program abroad provides you with the opportunity to become truly awed and inspired by your subject. It gives you the hands-on experience you just can’t find anywhere else.

Affordability: Architecture degrees, art degree programs, and humanity degrees, like many of the programs abroad, are all designed with affordability in mind. These study abroad programs offer financial aid, grants, fellowships, and scholarships to the students who qualify.

The Impression: Depending on your major, some people benefit more than others by studying abroad. Students pursuing a humanities or architecture degree, as well as an arts degree, are some that benefit the most. Not only does studying abroad give you the chance to experience design, art, buildings, and cultures in their native environment, but it also impresses potential employers. Being willing to study abroad for your craft can go a long way with those who are hiring.

The Opportunities: Studying art, architecture, and humanities abroad can open several doors and broaden your horizons. This is particularly true if you are interested in international art and architecture. Studying overseas gives you the chance to meet people and make connections, ultimately helping you to capitalize on your passion.

Study abroad degrees are available in nearly any field imaginable, but for students interested in the arts, architecture or the humanities, the benefits of studying aborad make the choice even easier.

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