Green Energy – Understanding Solar Powered Air Conditioners

With the broadcast of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient balkonkraftwerk 600w komplettset“, the issue of global warming had escalated to unprecedented heights. These days, nearly all consumers are at least aware of global warming, and with the media’s push to “go-green”, many are now turning that awareness into constructive lifestyle changes.

We all know that a considerable percentage of the world’s limited energy supply is being depleted daily. Billions around the world consume natural resources in some way, either directly or through using products derived from these resources. However, even though most people are now educated on how they can make resourceful changes in their life, they still tend to overlook one area where a significant percentage of consumption occurs – energy.

Our planet is host to a wealth of natural energy resources, with fossil fuels being the one source we’re most familiar with. Due to a steady increase in energy consumption, we now have dangerously fewer resources and energy reserves.

Many conscious consumers and businesses are now looking to source alternative energy to supply them with a eco-friendly energy source. Companies are now researching new and improved ways to harness natural energy through wind and water. Unlike traditional systems, these energy sources are renewable and plentiful. But there is still one element outside of our planet that offers one of the greatest energy supplies to world over – the sun.

We are now able to able to harness the energy of the sun and use it for several purposes, one of them being using heat to provide cooling. This is done through collecting energy through large dark grid-like panels that are positioned to face the sun. The usage of solar powered air conditioners is not a new concept since they were used by the U.S. in the early 20th century. However, with the rise of electricity rates and the need for greater consumption, there has been a steady increase in the commercial use of solar ACs.

Incentive programs –
The cost of setting up solar air conditioners can be very high. Still, a family or business opting to go with solar powered ACs can go a long way in reducing long term electricity costs. Additionally, both the federal government and many state governments offer incentive plans to solar energy users. However, since rates vary state by state, it’s best to check your state to see what their specific incentive programs are.

Increase home resale value –
Furthermore, in addition to stabilizing soaring energy costs, solar energy panels are considered an investment. Many homeowners find solar features add considerable value to their home, and make their homes far more marketable in a competitive real estate market. Home buyers are known to be more attracted if two homes are comparable in every way, except that one offers solar air conditioning while the other does not.

There are also considerable savings for solar air conditioner users. IFC, a consulting firm, held a study on solar air conditioners where they show that solar energy can add $20 of home value for every $1 of year energy savings. To get a bigger-picture understanding of this, it’s estimated that an annual savings of $1500 in electricity bills (due to solar energy additions) will add about $30,000 to the resale value of the home. In short, adding solar energy for air conditioning use will save consumers money in the long-run. They may even make a profit through reselling unused energy back to the state.

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