How to Correct a Cat’s Unwanted Behaviour

Domestic animal must know how to adapt itself to live with you together; from one side, preserving it’s originality, and from the other side, don’t be a burden or source of problems for your home. In order to keep this in balance you need to blockade a norwegian forest cats for sale. And the best thing you can do with this is preventive measures.

Scientists emphasize five types of the common problems, which you can meet during your cat’s upbringing and training.

Sources of such behaviour come out from its childhood, when it didn’t know word: “NO!” or “DON’T!”

What to do with this? You need to take your kitten or adult cat to your hands more often. And never kick it! Because this will not help, only will make cat angrier. If cat shows its claws – stop playing and caressing it, and say: “NO!” or “DON’T!”

You should remember, that a cat’s belligerence very often caused by fear.

Sometimes you may meet spitting cats. You may respond to this cat’s bad behaviour the same way – spitting upon it! If this does not help, take sprayer – this method definitely helps.

Sometimes cats behave very aggressive, scratching your carpets, and it seems they are trying to bury something. It can come from feeling that cat lost control upon situation. In this case – you may propose old rug to your cat. Or wrap cat in warm towel. It works, because warmth reduces fear, as well as love and caress.

The second possible cause of such an aggressive behaviour – cat’s territory protection. It happens more often in places, where live more than one animal. In this case – you need to teach patiently your pets to get accustomed to one another. And in no way lock them up. In the worst case scenario – spray them, using the same perfumes.

Cat behavioural problem 2

“Silly” cats, that refuse using litter box, drag off things from the table.
In this case – the first thing is – to think about medical issues with your cat. If everything is fine and cat’s health in a good condition, think it over, whether your cat lives well in your house. Maybe cat, doing all of those things, just trying to catch your attention, because cat angry, lonely or unhappy! In this case the first measures it is love and care! Coming home after work – first thing you need to do is caress your cat and communicate with it! And only after that – socialize with the rest of your family!

Also cats don’t like people, who they are afraid of. And because of this – cats do mark in front of those people. In this case, I advise you to hang up the foil, where you wrapped the fish, over the cat’s favourite place, where cat does marks. This method will distract cat’s attention to do the marks on the floor. Or you may try to feed your cat in that place, where cat urinates.

If you can not find out about motives of such behaviour, glue the sticky tape around that “special” territory, or spray with vinegar around it. And you don’t need to poke your cat’s nose into that mess – it doesn’t work every time! Also consider to set up litter box very comfortable for your cat to use.

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