How To Win At Roulette Using Decryption

I tried the 6 sided dice approach but that wasn’t very desirable due to the
speculation that the casinos would not allow me to toss a dice every time I was
going to make a bet (not to mention that it would distract other players). Even if I
sat down and tossed a dice 100 times and recorded its sequence prior to playing,How To Win At Roulette Using Decryption Articles it would take too much effort. There was definitely a better and simpler way to find out how to win at فارس بت!
At one point in time, I thought about just randomly choosing bets right off the top
of my head, but then found out that over several spins, my bet selection became
very biased as that’s how our brains tend to work. That is, I was always thinking
“well, last 3 spins I already went red, so this time I’ll try black, and so on… “ Not
only that but I really hated the little voices in my head!! I’m sure we all have been
there and done that before! So you know what I mean.

Then one night, I was in my Windows 2000 Server training class when it dawned
upon me. I was reading my text book and noticed that there were generally no two sentences that were exactly the same anywhere else in the book. Thus, the
sequence of words and letters were totally random and always in motion!! And
that’s what triggered my creation of the decryptor chart. But there was another
essential part: the money management scheme.
Without the proper money management scheme, I was sure to lose more than I
won. So I thought to myself, “How could I ever possibly create a scheme that’ll
allow me to always take two steps forward (as I won) but only one step back (if I
lost)?” How to win at roulette? Well, as it turned out, I was stumped and couldn’t come up with anything. So I decided to use the 1,3,7,15,31,63,127,255 etc.. progression. Based on my
computer generated numbers in Excel, the results were impressive. These two
parts combined worked very well together as “Front End and Back End”
processes (sort to speak).

Many hours were spent testing the system. Then I finally went to test the system
in VEGAS! At first, I was up by $2,000 pretty quickly; but unfortunately, the
longer I played, the system failed and set me back by $2,700!!! I stopped, went
back to my hotel room, took a look at my system and tried to figure out why it
had failed. It was frustrating!! I remember calling Mike Perkel, a guy who was
selling a roulette system, and spoke to him about buying his system. Somehow,
after hanging up with him, a light bulb glowed brightly!! No, it wasn’t the light
bulb in my hotel room silly!! I soon realized that the money management scheme
I was playing before was very risky because I would lose so much more than I
won per spin if a losing streak were to hit!! After some intensive thinking and rethinking,
I finally came up with a totally new money management scheme. I then
tested the system for about 5 hours straight using my miniature roulette wheel and
the results were amazingly positive! This as it turned out was how to win at roulette. I went back out to try my revised roulette system with
my last $300 bankroll at the $5 tables. It was time for a revenge!!
About an hour later, I had doubled my bankroll. Another hour passed by and I
was holding nearly $1,000 in chips (including my $300 bankroll). As I continued
playing, I recovered all the money I had lost and doubled it and then some! No, I
wasn’t playing $5 units the whole night. =P As I got up to the $1,500 mark, I
started playing $25 units. Anyways, I decided to quit while I was ahead and went
home with the winnings. =)
Previously, before I headed out to Vegas, I had promised everyone at the forum that I would reveal my system FREE of charge if I
was successful in Vegas. So here it is: “The Decryptor Roulette System!”

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