My Power Mall Online Based Business

My Power Spectrum Metro Mall is an online based business that allows its members to make money when people visit their websites to buy 1 of millions of available products. Not only will you make money but you’ll also save a bunch of money because everything you purchase from your Power Mall will be highly discounted or even sometimes free with a rebate.

This fairly new program offers two kinds of malls to its visitors. First is their Personal Mall which contains millions of products from thousands of merchants. All of the products you find here will have rebates so you save a bunch of money on the products you purchase all the time. There are no sly tactics here either. The stores in your personal Power Mall all clearly state what kind of discounts you’ll receive right at the top of the page.

The second kind of Mall you will have access to is what the creators of My Power Mall like to call your Business Mall. If you’re looking for money in addition to the income from your day job or if you’d like your online stores to be your only source of income, that totally doable as well. Just like your Personal Mall, your Business Mall offers millions of products from thousands of stores.

But your Business Mall isn’t the only way to earn some serious cash with My Power Mall. For every person that you get to sign up under you for free, you get paid. You’ll also get paid a percentage for everything they sell or buy in their power malls. Then everyone they refer will also earn you money as well as money for everything they sell or buy.

What makes MPM stand out from other online business opportunities is that they will coach you through the whole process. From the instant you sign up, you’ll be set up with your very own websites containing your mall. So that very same day you can start earning money from the comfort of your own home. After you’ve gotten your website set up and ready you will then be given the training and resources needed to promote and advertise your online business.

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