Pharmacy Technician – A Recession-Proof Job

If you’ve ever been to a drug store to pick up prescription, you were most likely helped by a pharmacy technician. best xanax supplier Technicians have several job duties but they are always supervised by pharmacists.

Work for pharmacy techs is not restricted to pharmacies but can also be found at nursing homes and hospitals. Many states do not regulate pharmacy techs, but it’s becoming more common for employers to demand certification. You will have more employment options if you obtain pharmacy tech education.

What are the Daily Expectations of this Job?

In a retail pharmacy normal duties involve operating the cash register, receiving phone calls and faxes, filling prescriptions, giving out medication, keeping up patient records and preparing insurance claim documents.

Preparing solution for IVs and delivering medication to patients are normal tasks when working in a hospital. Chemotherapy and sedation medications are some examples of noncommercial medications you may be asked to fill.

Career Options & Salary Possibilities

Are there career development opportunities for people in this field? Absolutely. Becoming promoted to a management role is feasible when being employed in a retail pharmacy. In a hospital, you could have the chance of specializing in chemotherapy and nuclear pharmacy. Not to mention that pharmacy technicians can easily move into other related specialties like: nursing, radiology and medical assisting to cite some.

The average annual salary for pharmacy technicians is around $30,000 US.

What are the Required Certifications and Degrees in this Field?

There are no national guidelines for pharmacy techs so each state sets regulations. In most states, training and passing a state exam are required. ICPT and PTCB are two boards issuing credentials.

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