Prepaid Vs Post Paid International Calling Cards

How do you make cheap calls to your friends and relatives that live abroad?- Is your son or daughter studying abroad in college or university?- Are your parents still living in the mother country?There is an easy way to maintain contact with all your friends and family even if you are on a tight budget with International Calling 美国充值抖音! But which is most suitable for you: the prepaid or post paid phone card?Advantages of Prepaid Calling Cards:1. You can control your budget: you can buy a prepaid phone card in denominations of $5 to $60 and recharge for however long you would like to talk for. When you run out of credit the card will simply stop working.

You will not get charged any excessive usage fees. It is therefore very easy to set a budget each month for your telecommunication expenses. Give your kids a phone card and control their telephone time and expenses.2. You can use them from multiple locations: many telephone cards allow you to use them from multiple calling destinations around the world,Prepaid Vs Post Paid International Calling Cards Articles not just where you bought it. You can use them from your mobile or land line.3. You have the choice of how you pay: you can pay by cash, credit card, Paypal, money order or bank deposit. The ball is in your court. You dictate how you want to be billed.4. You do not need to keep buying new phone cards: you can usually recharge the ones you already have by buying credit online or over the phone.

Advantages Of Post Paid International Phone Cards:1. You will never be cut off: you do not have to worry about your phone credit balance running low and your phone conversation being cut off mid way. For businesses and corporate deals, post paid cards are a safe bet unless you keep recharge you prepaid phone card regularly.2. No PIN numbers: Most prepaid calling cards require you to enter an 8 to 14 digit PIN number which can be hard to remember. Please note however, many prepaid phone cards offer PINless dialling where you can pre-program the phone number that you calling from into the phone card so you don’t have to worry about PIN numbers each time you call.Cheap calling cards make communication between loved ones and business partners easy and cheap. If you chose to go prepaid, then you will be in control all the way. Go post-paid and rates are usually more expensive but you will not run out of credits. The choice is yours. Read more on avoiding skype and voip.

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