Vedic Astrology Decodes Career Prospects Part 1

Hindu Astrology is the most valuable guide that brings our instinctive tendencies to light. It studies the relation between planets,Vedic Astrology Decodes Career Prospects Part 1 Articles their position, an individual’s ascendant, moon sigh, sun sign and other planetary movements. It is a set of guidelines that if understood and utilized in a proper manner can be our best friend, our best philosopher and our best top Maine architects. Growth in life in general and in career in specific, is a result of our choices and efforts. A confident individual coupled with proper astrological guidance can help him to leap forward in his career, enabling him to meet all set targets both financially and psychologically. Career astrology as per Vedic system hugely revolves around the significance of 10th house of a birth chart. The 10th house is a Kendra: a focus point and any planet that is situated here become powerful, influential and exceptionally important. The 10th house can be studied either from a person’s ascendant or from moon sign. The 10th house governs our career and status in life. It is an “upachaya” house, which indicates growth, improvement and accumulation of wealth. Any prospect indicated by a planet located in the 10th house will grow in power as life moves forward. It is a karma sthan, and represents the karmas that an individual performs to enhance his life materially or spiritually.

The 10th house indicates our aspiration, status, profession, fame, recognition, political power, and authority and responsibility enhancement. It gives the astrological signature of how we will progress in our vocation, how we will perform our predestined duties and the effect of our actions upon the world. It depicts our professional success and failure. It even signifies our determination, self-reliance and patience. The 10th house reveals holy pilgrimages, as well as good and charitable deeds, compassion, etc. Natives Father’s reputation and well being is also signified by this house. It also represents a person’s relation with government, superiors and people in authority. In general, a strong 10th house will give the person a position of power in career and fame. Planets fare in a very distinctive manner in this house. There are 9 planets in all, and the influence of each varies. Depending on the natural properties and the fields that each planet signifies the career choices, success rate and the growth of an individual can be judged from the 10th house.The Sun is the greatest planet, the source of energy for all: a luminary.

Sun in the 10th house is an excellent placement for career and the person may get success in all undertakings. Sun gets directional strength when located in the 10th house of the birth chart. As per hindu Vedic astrology, this is the best position for sun to be in a horoscope chart. Sun makes a person career-minded and enables him to rise to a position of authority in his chosen profession. Sun gives a person courage, loyalty, pride and ambition. Fame and popularity are associated with Sun and yield great power. Wealth is favored and a beneficial relationship with the father, who may be wealthy and prosperous, is also indicated. Moon is a neutral benefic planet, the second luminary. Its location produces calming and soothing effect always. When Moon is located in the 10th house, career matters are highly enhanced. If the waxing Moon is in the 10th house, the person is very fortunate as the significations of both the Moon and the 10th house flourish. The person is sure to enjoy fame and success from a very young age. Associations with the mother and females are greatly favored. Moon in the 10th house signifies a smooth and happy married life. Wherever the Moon is placed in a horoscope, it becomes an area of great interest and vitality. So the Moon’s location in the 10th house induces the person to love his/ her profession and to be sincere and diligent in efforts. The aspect of a bright Moon on the 4th house brightens the entire horoscope. Education, mother, happiness, fixed assets, and conveyances are all favored. The person is kind and warmhearted. For Mars the 10th house is one of the few houses that utilize the fiery energy of Mars to good effect. Mars gets directional strength in the 10th house of a birth chart, often making this its best placement in the horoscope.

Mars represents how a person commands and takes action. It symbolizes courage and bold action. The person is efficient and enjoys success and achievement all through life. The person is highly ambitious. Mars’ aspect on the 4th house may indicate ups and downs in relationship with mother and some amount of unrest in the domestic scenario. But overall, 10th house is a positive location for Mars and makes the person ‘a go getter’ in his/ her profession. Mercury is a natural benefic and if Mercury is in the 10th house, the person has a successful career and a good reputation. The person has the capacity to earn plenty of wealth. Mercury symbolizes intellectual capacity, comprehension and learning abilities. It is a planet of communication. It indicates great intellect and involvement in a career connected with communications. Mercury rules commerce and trade, so this placement can mean a very successful person in business. Mercury’s aspect on the 4th house indicates a fine education and happiness at home. The person also enjoys fine conveyances and all kinds of comforts and luxuries; a good relationship with mother and benefits from her are well indicated as well.As per astrology prospect Only four planets have been covered in this article.

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