What Is The Difference Between The Soul, The Entity And Spiritual Teachers

The question as it was posed: In reading your articles, you non dual teachers also refer to teachers. My question is this; are the teachers the same as your soul or entity or they something or someone entirely different. I am not clear on this, I am sure I have a soul but how do I know if I have a teacher? Anonymous

I can see that anonymous has been paying attention and it tells me that I have not done a very good job in explaining these matters. We cannot fully explain the reality of the Soul or Entity and teachers without an understanding of your relationship to and within your Soul, your Entity and any teachers you may or may not have. I have said and alluded to many times that everything or everyone, every person, soul or entity exists as part of something else, and of course that infers that you are also not only a part of your soul or entity, but a part of your environment, your world and universe.

What I mean, so there is no confusion, unseen, unknown connections exist both physically and spiritually between you and your natural environment as well as your soul or entity. I must also make clear that your homes, your buildings, monuments, tables, chairs and other household accoutrements are also as natural to your species as the forest is to the birds and animals.

There are unknown tentacles or strands of consciousness existing between you and all perceivable objects in your universe. You create their appearance and psychic connections extend out from your nervous system into the air surrounding you, unperceived psychic chemical properties are projected from the body through the skin creating the resulting physically perceived objects or events to coalesce from atoms, molecules and cells. All physical objects and events are results of inner patterns filled in by the inherent energy driven by consciousness.

For all practical purposes, you are totally independent of your soul/entity with free choice to pursue your own goals and aspirations within certain limitations which do not need to be discussed here. You are a portion of your soul, but free to roam the universe if you choose, experiencing new and completely unique times and places like no one else can, and in that respect you perceive for your soul. I want to clear something up that I may not have done before. You have a soul, many of such souls intertwined with and aligned with physical personalities make up the total identity, the oversoul and a group of oversouls make up the entity.

Entities are likewise part of more advanced entities and this goes on ad infinitum up to and including the initial Prime Source, All That Is. Connections exist between the most exalted and the least and there are no limitations except those that are self imposed. Relationships that exist between the soul and personality exist even though the you each going on with your daily pursuits hardly being aware of each other, and in fact, any kind of meaningful communications between the soul and it’s personalities is virtually impossible on a conscious level.

It goes without saying that you cannot experience or perceive other worlds, other beings, souls or entities more advanced than you unless you yourself have evolved to that degree of understanding. In that respect, you must remember that All That Is has been evolving for untold billions of earth years, so you have some catching up to do. Truth be told, you will never understand the reality of even the newest, less developed entities since their reality is unfathomable to one not as accomplished.

But you can do much better if you try by spreading your wings, stepping out of the stone age of false beliefs and worn out, disintegrating belief systems and taking responsibility for the growth of your consciousness and searching for true Knowledge. You can wait and do nothing, repeating the same rusty dogma and you will evolve despite your ignorance, or you can apply your mind and learn what is available to you within your given abilities to understand.

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