Enter the Wonderful World of Books

Don’t you a course in miracles author your time with an interesting book undisturbed in calm surroundings? For many of us, especially those over fifty, who had seen an era before the advent of PCs and TVs, reading books of our liking had been a great pastime. The thrill of holding a new book in your hand, savoring the front page and back page kindling curiosity and anticipation, and then slowly entering the new world ushered by the author, is something beyond description.

The invasion of PCs and TV into our homes has virtually banished books from most of our households. These media flood us with so much information in such a short time that virtually all of it is automatically ignored by our brains. On the other hand, reading books is an entirely different experience. The books can be read at your own pace giving time for your brain to savor and enjoy it.

Reading activates your brain and also increases your vocabulary. While reading books, the words and meanings, which you might have already forgotten, come back to you. This will eventually enhance your verbal and written communication skill. Books can also take you to the world of the writer, who may belong to a very different place, giving you an insight into new culture and people.

Books have the ability to focus your thoughts. An interesting book can keep you occupied on the same topic for a long time, which is not possible with TV or Web pages. Books also give you a better understanding about the topic than web pages or TV shows, which tend to be short and overloaded. TV and Internet can easily get you distracted from your topic by luring you into other irrelevant visuals.

Books help you improve your brain activity by inducing thoughts and exercising your memory. It has been proved that increased brain activity can keep off diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Books also can widen your knowledge which will help you to converse intelligently in a gathering. Exposure to new ideas and thoughts through books can also rekindle your creativity.

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