What Writing a Book Can Do For You and Your Business

a course in miracles author think that if someone writes a book that they are an expert at what they wrote about, that they really know what they are talking about to have written a book about it, right? No kidding! Don’t you think that?

Really, why would someone think you would write a book about something you knew nothing about? So what does that say about you if you do write one? It obviously means you have a lot of knowledge about your topic. It means you are an expert.

Think about this: If you wanted information about a certain topic, you would more than likely research it, probably on the Internet. You could find information on the topic, look at the search results, the articles, etc. But if there was a book about your topic, wouldn’t you think that the person who wrote the book knew a whole lot more than the people who only wrote articles? That’s not to say that the people who write the articles aren’t experts, but writing a book puts someone on a completely different level.

Writing a book also elevates your status as the go-to person in your industry. It also means that you can justify raising your rates and people will gladly pay you. They don’t question what you charge because you are the “expert” and they WANT your advice.

Writing a book also means that your customers understand that you know much more than they do. That’s why they contact you and want to work with you. Now, you’re in demand.

You also gain recognition and respect, not only from your customers, but from your peers and colleagues. How many of your colleagues have written a book?

Writing a book can also bring you more speaking engagements and help you to share your message with an even larger audience, not to mention being able to offer your book to the audience and generate some income with back of the room sales.

You’ll find you no longer have to chase after clients: They’ll be chasing you!

How many people do you know in your industry that have written a book? Think about people whose books have helped them build their business. Now think about what writing a book can do for you and your business. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

Just imagine for a moment, that you are a published author. What does that feel like? What does that do for your confidence, your reputation and your sales?

Writing a book can be one of the most rewarding, if not challenging, things you can do for you and your business.

You are an expert at what you do. No one does it the way you do or says things the way you do. It doesn’t matter if there are tons of books out there on the same topic: there isn’t a book on that topic written by YOU! You are unique and so is the way you do things. You have satisfied customers or clients that swear by you method, service or products. There are other people out there that need what you offer too.

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